CFL Full Form – Compact Fluorescent Lamp

What is the Full form of CFL?

The abbreviation CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp. CFL is an energy-saving bulb that consumes much less energy than the conventional incandescent lamps. It is made of a glass tube, along with two electrodes. The glass tube contains a mixture of argon gas & mercury vapour and is filled with phosphorus on the inner surface.

What are the advantages of CFL?

  • These CFLs emit diffused light which reduces the heat of the emission as compared to the incandescent lamps. Since less energy is consumed, less heat is emitted.
  • It uses less energy than incandescent lamps between 60-80 per cent.
  • It lasts longer than normal lamps and uses less energy, so in the long run, it’s much less costly.
  • It helps reduce CO2 emissions as CFL produces fewer CO2 emissions than an incandescent lamp


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