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Sooryavanshi Movie Review Positives: The movie starts with a bang, director Rohit Shetty setting things up in trademark style with a rip-roaring motion collection for leading guy Akshay Kumar.

And boy, has Akshay been presented just like the celeb he is. What’s extra, it is a joy to sooner or later watch the Khiladi of young again in action, performing excessive-depth martial arts sequences and fashionable kicks simply as his lovers loved watching him do in his younger days.

Moreover, the backstory Rohit Shetty sets up is so thrilling in spite of us understanding the real incidents.

Plus, his attention to minor details is as spot-on as always (like even for something as small as who a medical doctor can perform on or now not or something as big as getting all factors of terrorist sleeper cells proper) – this man is truly a director with inventive sensibilities masquerading as a masala filmmaker.

Even the manner he sets up the romantic music among Akki and Katrina kaif fluidly gels with the tale, plus we are without a doubt reminded why Akshay and Katrina are such a beautiful onscreen pair as they light the screen on the fireplace.

Even Jaaved Jaaferi and Jackie shroff get their exceptional roles in years. Heck, even the ones in bit components like Gulshan Grover and Asif Basra are solid for pin-factor reasons. The single-display screen public may even love the diffused bits of comedy delivered, none of which distract from the main plot.

And those concerned approximately Sooryavanshi being over-grilled with jingoism can relax easily, all of the dialogues are etched with the careful concept, even those suggest to rouse claps and whistles. That is up to now a simply very well-made masala film, seeped in a topical, relevant problem, shrouded in a carefully built move-border plot.

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DirectorRohit Shetty
StarringAkshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Ranveer Singh, and Akshay Kumar
Release Date5 November 2021
Ratings3.1 out of 5

Sooryavanshi Movie Review Negatives: Barring Akshay Kumar’s introductory commencing movement collection, the first half is absent of any greater marquee high-octane moments, which is slightly disappointing from a Rohit Shetty film, mainly one belonging to the same franchise as Ajay Devgn’s Singham and Ranveer Singh’s Simba. Here’s hoping that the second one 1/2 makes up for that.

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Sooryavanshi Movie Public Review

Though Sooryavanshi movie is one of the biggest blockbusters hitting cinemas this year. If the movie doesn’t have that spark people would certainly like it. We scoured through the internet to find all the latest reviews by the movie watcher.

So here are some of the top Sooryavanshi Movie Public Reviews:

Kaley Vamsi2.75 out of 5 StarsJust watched sooryavanshi in the morning show . I was eagerly waiting for this movie over a year and finally yes today it got released. Movie starts well with good visuals . The director introduced all the characters in starting of 15 minutes and builded a base for the second half. The first half started well but going on it could make you feel bore in some scenes and the first half will be end with a mass interval . The second half is so gripping that you won’t know how the film has been completed. Akshay kumar and Katrin kaif scenes are well developed and asusuall Ranveer singh and Ajay Devagn completely pulled their characters . The drawback of the film is songs. I think there is no need of having songs in this film . Except Aila re Aila . This song is a eye feast for all Akshay kumar fans . The highlight of the film is Background score which totally makes you get goosebumps in action sequence. The story is quite old but the execution and development is good . Overall you can watch a perfect movie with your family for this festive season. My rating – 2.75 / 5
Deepak Kumar2 out of 5 StarsOnly watch if u r looking for brainless movie. The movie could have been better. I just watched it and is really sad since I waited this movie from long time. I have always been found of Singham series ( although r brainless and overhyped), still I like them due to Rohit Shetty actions and flying cars. This time 1st half had been almost paisa vasool, but 2nd half was like “Kab Khatam hoga”. Brainless stretching of movie and songs. Overall Akshay kumar and Ajay Devgun with their style has tried to keep u bounded. The over acting of Ranveer singh was hilarious. Over all I can say ” Mask pehen k itne der baithna waste ho gaya”. I would have waited to watch on TV or OTT.
Piyush Maheshwari3 out of 5 StarsDimaag ghar pe chod ke jaana for this movie…. Everyone should watch this movie and relish the masala movie genre….the action, the grandeur, the opulence, the audacity of imagination of cars flying around, the mindless spray of bullets and maybe shoulder fired RPGs, car chases and helicopter drops, the celebration of the Male Action Hero (not many left after SuperMan has turned gay)❗❗❗ Masala movie dekhne ka apna alag hi mazaa hai…… Illogical dialogues (mard ko dard nahi hota), nonsensical love songs ( sarkailo khatiya jaada lage), dumb humor (har powder Nirma nahi hota), gravity defying action scenes…. You know the end result of the movie even before the movie starts but the 2.5 hour journey gives you hope in mankind 😀, it gives you the power to dream , the faith that goodness always prevails, an escape from the routine zindagi ……and after the movie life goes on….till the next movie ❗

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Thats all for this post I hope you all are also going to give Sooryavanshi Movie a watch no matter the reviews. Who know you might like the movie.

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You can either visit your nearest cinema halls or on Netflix from comfort of your homes.

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It is currently rated 6 out of 10 points on IMBD during its first day release.

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